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This is for kind information of everyone that a fake website of Pracya has been found on the web by the address – Therefore, we would request our valued readers and contributors not to interact with the said website. Our authentic website is We do not have any other website.

It is hereby informed to all concerned that due to present situation the last date for submission of papers for the XII issue is extended till 20th April, 2020.

PrācyāA Peer Reviewed & Refereed UGC Apporved Annual Journal (ISSN 2278-4004) on Sanskrit and Indological Studies, of the Department of Sanskrit, M.D.K. Girls’ College, Dibrugarh, Assam, published by M.D.K. Girls’ College, Dibrugarh. The journal is brought out on particular topics. Started in 2007, ten issues have already been published both in general and special themes such as Dharma Special, Humanism Special, Environment Special Vedānta Special, Science Special, Politics Special, Smṛti Special, Purāṇa Special & ‘Buddhism Special’. The XIIth volume will be brought out in September, 2020 as will be brought out as Nāstikadarśanaviśeṣāṁkaḥ (Special Issue on Heterodox School of Indian Philosophy) which will include Papers on Heterodox schools viz. Jainism, Cārvāka, and other Śramaṇik schools such as Ajñāna and Ājīvaka except Buddhism. Deliberations on the topics with contextual relevance will find place in the journal. An abstract in English not exceeding 150 words must be sent along with the paper. It will be published in September, 2020. Papers should reach the editor by March, 2020. The papers are published only after recommended by Review Committee experts.