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2015, Vol. 7, Issue 1

A Note on Ṛgvedic Ethnobotany

Author(s): Barnali Deka

Abstract: The Ṛgvedasaṁhitā abounds in numerous references to plants and trees which played vital role in the life and civilization of the Vedic people helping in shaping their habits, customs, manners and culture. The Ṛgvedic Aryans were familiar with the numerous plant species in their ecosystems and understand the inter-relationship of various components of their resources. The knowledge of the intimate relationship between early men and plants form the core of the interdisciplinary science Ethnobotany. The Ethnobotanical elements are scattered in the Ṛgvedic verses, e.g. importance of plants, faith in the good and bad powers of plants, sacred plants, plants in religious rites and material use of plants etc. Therefore, an attempt has been made to highlight the Ethnobotanical aspects of the Ṛgvedasaṁhitā to unearth the deep and unique knowledge of the Vedic people about the properties and uses of plants.

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