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2015, Vol. 7, Issue 1

Study of Astronomy in The Vedic Age – A Brief Exposition

Author(s): Amborish Adhyapok

Abstract: The word ‘astronomy’, that comes from the original Greek word ‘astronomia’ formed in the combination of ‘astron’ (star or constellation) and ‘nomos’ (arranging) literally means pertaining to stars and celestial bodies; simply ‘star arrangement’. Astronomy is that branch of science which deals with celestial objects, space and the physical universe as a whole. It is a scientific study of the universe and the objects in it, including stars, planets, nebulae and galaxies. It describes the nature, position and motion of the stars, planets and other objects in the skies and their relation to the Earth. Simply to say, Astronomy is the study of stars, planets and space. The present paper is a humble endeavour to analyse critically some of the astronomical descriptions found in the Vedic texts, which can be held to be one positive attempt for a clear depiction of Vedic people’s thought on Astronomy in that era.

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Amborish Adhyapok. Study of Astronomy in The Vedic Age – A Brief Exposition. Prācyā. 2015; 7(1): 61-66.