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2015, Vol. 7, Issue 1

Concept of Agriculture as Revealed in the Agni Purāṇa-A Study

Author(s): Purboshri Borpuzari

Abstract: The Purāṇas are an unfailing source of information which help us to reconstruct the history of Indian culture and civilization. The Purāṇas go back undoubtedly to a very distant past and have their roots in the Vedic literature. The Purāṇas are composed in conformity with the Vedas. The Vedic word ‘kṛṣi’ is used to denote agriculture, which literally means the act of ploughing. The system of agriculture started from almost the beginning of the Vedic period in India .In the Vedic and Purāṇic society, agriculture was a means to produce food grain so that human beings and other living creatures can sustain their life. Plenty of information is available in the Purāṇas regarding agriculture, which reveals that ancient Indians had intimate knowledge on all agricultural operations. The Agni Purāṇa too provides us a lot of knowledge regarding ancient agriculture. This paper is a modest attempt to find out about the agriculture as revealed in the Agni Purāṇa.

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Purboshri Borpuzari. Concept of Agriculture as Revealed in the Agni Purāṇa-A Study. Prācyā. 2015; 7(1): 98-104.