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2015, Vol. 7, Issue 1

Botanical Elements as Revealed in the Vedas

Author(s): Dr. Arundhati Goswami

Abstract: Vedas are considered as the store house of every science of life. Human life is mainly associated with nature, which is closely connected with the branch of science called ‘Botany’. It is the scientific study of the physiology, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification and economic importance of plants. The seed of this branch of study in India is found since the Vedic period. The whole Vedic literature bears ample information of botanical data. Data regarding different classification of plants, their various parts, usefulness etc. are scattered in this area of study. This paper is a modest attempt to highlight the botanical information available in the Vedas to some extent.

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Dr. Arundhati Goswami. Botanical Elements as Revealed in the Vedas. Prācyā. 2015; 7(1): 114-120.