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2015, Vol. 7, Issue 1

G.R. Malkani’s Concept of Metaphysics of Energy

Author(s): Dr. Sumitra Purkayastha

Abstract: Philosophers, like scientists consider energy to be an essential concept. G.R. Malkani, a contemporary Indian philosopher, who is a stern supporter of Advaita Vedānta, in his book ‘Metaphysics of Energy’ has dealt with the different views of the scientists regarding energy and has also pointed out the philosophers’ specially Advaita Vedāntin’s deviation from the scientific view of energy. In this write-up an humble attempt will be made to show how philosophers, specially Advaita Vedāntins differ from the scientists regarding the concept of energy.

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Dr. Sumitra Purkayastha. G.R. Malkani’s Concept of Metaphysics of Energy. Prācyā. 2015; 7(1): 121-124.