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2015, Vol. 7, Issue 1

Vedic Thought and Modern Science

Author(s): Madhuchanda Kaushik

Abstract: On the basis of available literature on Vedas it is difficult to comprehend the meaning and content of Vedic texts in terms of modern scientific concepts. Vedas are nothing but the anthology of simplistic utterances of the people in the early stage of the evolution of modern civilization. The development of astronomy, mathematics, chemistry and other branches of sciences in ancient India are based on Vedic knowledge It is therefore, necessary that an analysis of the epistemological nature of the Vedic knowledge and that of modern science should be undertaken so as to ascertain the logical validity of the methods of establishing equivalence between Vedic concept and modern scientific precepts The subject like Jñāna (knowledge), Vijñāna (Science), Jñānin (Wisemen), Vijñānin (scientists), Bhautika Jagat (Physical World), Jīvana (Life), Mokṣa (salvation) were very important in the Vedic and post Vedic ancient India. I would like to highlight the fact that the Vedic seers and Vedic civilization understood the importance of Vijñāna (science) and considered it more important than Jñāna (Knowledge).

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