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2016, Vol. 8, Issue 1

Strīrājya-Concept in Sanskrit Literature

Author(s): K. Vidyuta

Abstract: [The word strīrājya is found first mentioned in the Mahābhārata. But it is rarely referred to in the Purāṇas, but there is an interpolation in the Skandapurāṇa containing a list of seventyfive countries in the Bhāratavarṣa, the fifty-seventh of which is called strīrājya. Vātsyāyana mentions a strīrājya, which Yaśodhara places to the west of Vaṅga. The Agnipurāṇa mentions it as a country in the west of India. The Sanskrit references to a strīrājya possibly refer to a real place (or) places. The notion of a country ruled by women might have been inspired by second-hand knowledge of the matriarchal customs (or) polyandrous practices found in various regions, north of India. This paper will strive to establish the fact that a strīrājya as mentioned in above texts and Mahābhārata existed and highlights the fact that women empowered as great rulers of this land, ruled and even fought battles.]

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