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2016, Vol. 8, Issue 1

Atharvan political system and today

Author(s): Urmimala Bora

Abstract: [The Vedas are the only known available and best preserved document of Indian history. In the present turmoil of Indian society the Vedas are the only solution. In accordance with Vedic ethics and values one may live peaceful life and help the country to develop its culture and creed. This paper is a modest attempt to bring light upon the governance of Atharvavedic people who were our forefathers so that our contemporary Indians may think a little to annihilate the social disturbances. And our posterity may become save. To make an ideal government system one may reconstruct the Vedic polity with some reforms. To get rid from the turmoil of political disturbances it becomes very necessary today.]

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Urmimala Bora. Atharvan political system and today. Prācyā. 2016; 8(1): 88-102.