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2016, Vol. 8, Issue 1

A bird’s eye view of the political system enshrined in the Vasiṣṭha dharmasūtra

Author(s): Nabanita Sarma

Abstract: [In ancient India, Kingship is included in the subject of political Science. In the ancient period when the dharmasūtrakāras emerged the three branches viz. Legislature, Executive and Judiciary were solely attached with the king. He appointed ministers and secretaries. Powers were delegated to all those ministers and secretaries. But the final decision was taken by the king himself. Based upon these features of state on the government Vasiṣṭha has given his view and suggestions in his work. This paper includes the following points- formation of government, appointment procedure of king, qualification of King, duties and responsibilities of King economic policy of the government and Judiciary system. Thus, through this paper we can get the idea about the difference between modern and the ancient Indian political system in the light of the Vasiṣṭha Dharmasūtra.]

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Nabanita Sarma. A bird’s eye view of the political system enshrined in the Vasiṣṭha dharmasūtra. Prācyā. 2016; 8(1): 124-131.