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2016, Vol. 8, Issue 1

Atharvanic magical practices related to state craft

Author(s): Mridusmita Devi

Abstract: [Politics is considered as backbone of Democracy. In Politics King was the chief one in Vedic era like today. There existed four castes in Vedic times. Viz., Brāhman, Kṣtriya, Śudra and Baiśya. Among them, Kṣtriyas are considered as very strong in physically and mentally. Therefore, the responsibility of protection of all people is laid upon the Kṣtriya. In Atharvaveda find many hymns related to the political system. These are technically known as Rājakarmāni. For smooth and systematic progress of the state a king was appointed. He is responsible for the protection of the state, human being of the state etc. King was considered as the ruler of all. But in Vedic time kingship was not based on hereditary. In that time also king was elected by common people like today. It is not possible for a king to rule without the satisfaction or co-operation of his subjects. He was deposed by the people when they were disappointed with him. Therefore, to increase his power, long ruled over the people and satisfactory rule over the people, increase his state the king took restore in magic by which he could do anything. The present paper is an attempt has been made to discuss the Atharvanic magical practices related to royalty.]

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