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2017, Vol. 9, Issue 1

The Divya or the ordeals

Author(s): V. Anusha

Abstract: The article on divyapramāṇa or evidence by means of ordeals is culled out from the Vyavahārakāṇḍa of the Yājïavalkya Smṛti and also drawing ideas largely from Nārada Smṛti. It is observed that from the ancient time till the beginning of 20th Century, the practice of resorting to divine intervention in cases where sufficient human evidence was not available, was in vogue. This article brings out the different practices according to Yājïavalkya Smṛti and mentions of others from Nārada Smṛti. It also provides a few literary and historical evidences for the same.

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V. Anusha. The Divya or the ordeals. Prācyā. 2017; 9(1): 101-109.