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2017, Vol. 9, Issue 1

Punishments for abettors: ITS needs and purposes

Author(s): V. Yamuna Devi

Abstract: The well being of a society is ensured by good governance. Law and administration play a major role for a secure and prosperous nation. Bhärata the most ancient civilisation of the world has rich cultural heritage with good governance. Laws were framed from time to time to suit the changes in society. These laws are recorded in the Dharmaçästra or Småti texts.
Punishment is perceived as an effective means to maintain law and order. Crimes are of different kinds of which one is to commit and the other is to make another commit an offence or crime. The latter is to instigate or abet another to commit a crime. This was also observed by the ancient law givers and punishments were ordained for abettors. Modern Indian law also has separate sections dealing with abettors and punishments. This paper intends to bring out the offences identified as abetment in ancient and modern law. By this the society at large can be made aware that abetment is also a serious crime or offence.

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V. Yamuna Devi. Punishments for abettors: ITS needs and purposes. Prācyā. 2017; 9(1): 60-70.