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2017, Vol. 9, Issue 1

Mahäprasthäna, präyopaveça, sallekhana Viç-A-Viç suicide

Author(s): Lavanya Pravin

Abstract: It is well known that Çri Räma and his brothers entered the Sarayü and ended their lives. Yudhiñöhira, his wife and brothers started on mahäprasthäna; on their way each of them shed their mortal coils except Yudhisöhira. This is also a well-known story. In Tamil country Kopparuncholan, a Chola king and his longtime friend and poet Picirändaiyär left their mortal bodies by going into fasting (präyopaveça), seated facing the north, which is known as vaòakkirundu noṟṟal. Great yogis would go into samädhi and leave their body. All these methods of leaving one’s life on one’s own volition fall under the term mahäprasthäna. Sacrificin g one’s life by undergoing sallekhana is a well-known practice of the Jains which has come to the court, recently, and is considered in the present day as committing suicide and hence a crime. The views of the Dharmaçätra on these issues are discussed here.

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Lavanya Pravin. Mahäprasthäna, präyopaveça, sallekhana Viç-A-Viç suicide. Prācyā. 2017; 9(1): 80-90.