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2019, Vol. 11, Issue 1

Buddhodayakāvya of Śāntibhikṣuśāstrī – An Analysis

Author(s): Dr. L. Sampath Kumar

Abstract: The Buddhodaya is a Gītikāvya written by Śāntibhikṣuśāstrī. It is a unique literary composition in its own right. The work deals with the chosen anecdotes from the life of Buddha, starting from his birth (avatāra) to his attaining enlightenment (nirvāṇa). This literary piece comprises of ten sections named as prasaṅga-s. In each and every prasaṅga, we find ten brilliant verses composed in śārdūlavikrīḍita meter and three mellifluous geyapada-s. This kāvya is very special as very rarely we find Gītikāvya-s dealing with biographical theme. Modelled on the famous Gītagovinda, this metrical master piece is full of śāntarasa entwined with bhaktibhāva. The subject matter of each prasaṅga is as follows – 1. Janmamaṅgala, 2. Asitāgamana, 3. Gopāparigrahaḥ, 4. Nimittadarśana, 5. Vanavihāra, 6. Abhiniṣkramaṇa, 7. Tapaṣcaraṇa, 8. Mārāvijaya, 9. Saṅghapratiṣṭhāpana and 10. Buddhakāyalakṣaṇa. In this paper a serious attempt is made to study the salient features of this kāvya.

DOI: 10.22271/pracya.2019.v11.i1.68

Pages: 76-85 | Views: 901 | Downloads: 359

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Dr. L. Sampath Kumar. Buddhodayakāvya of Śāntibhikṣuśāstrī – An Analysis. Prācyā. 2019; 11(1): 76-85. DOI: 10.22271/pracya.2019.v11.i1.68