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2019, Vol. 11, Issue 1

Buddhist Texts in Sanskrit from Tamil Nadu

Author(s): Lavanya V Eswar

Abstract: Buddhism reached South India and Ceylon at the time of Asoka from the north and thus began to spread gradually. Variuos centres of Buddhist religion were established in south India even in the early Christian era. Buddhism continued to exist in the Tamil land till about the 13th century. But the golden age was from 2nd to 8th century A.D. as known from Tamil, Pali and Sanskrit works. Several Buddhist scholars also went from South India to North India, Ceylon and China and wrote treatises on Buddhism or translated imporatnt Buddhist works. Renowned scholars like Äryadeva, Candrakérti, Dinnäga and Dharmakérti reigned supreme during this period. This paper shall deal with a few of the early writers of Buddhist works in Sanskrit associated with Tamil Nadu.

DOI: 10.22271/pracya.2019.v11.i1.74

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Lavanya V Eswar. Buddhist Texts in Sanskrit from Tamil Nadu. Prācyā. 2019; 11(1): 111-113. DOI: 10.22271/pracya.2019.v11.i1.74