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2020, Vol. 12, Issue 1


Author(s): Dr. Suresh J

Abstract: The influence of religion in Kerala society is a very elaborate and interesting chapter in its History. From the ancient period, Kerala is the meeting ground of all the Indian religions and philosophy. Besides Jainism and Buddhism, some world religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism also got safe asylums inour soil. The important literary works like Silappadikaram, Akanannuru, and Purannanuru which were included in the Sangam works and Çuka Sandeça and Koka Sandeça included in the Sandeçakävya contain the relics and antiquity of Jainism. The inscriptions, temple relics, architecture of buildings, placing of idols in temples, prove the existence of Jainism in Kerala. The religion reached its zenith in the early centuries of Christian era. This article reviews history of Jainism in Kerala.

DOI: 10.22271/pracya.2020.v12.i1.105

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Dr. Suresh J. A FRESH LOOK ON JAINISM IN KERALA. Prācyā. 2020; 12(1): 251-258. DOI: 10.22271/pracya.2020.v12.i1.105