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2020, Vol. 12, Issue 1


Author(s): Dr. B. Keshavaprapanna Pandey

Abstract: The Jaina dharma presents upon its observance in thought, word, and deed at the individual as well as social levels. The holy text Tattvārtha-Sūtra sums it up in the phrase “PARASPAROPAGRAHO JĪVANAM’’1 (All life is mutually supportive). The major principles 2 of Jainism as given below are foundation pillars of Jain philosophy. Such as
1. Ahiṁsā3 (non-violence)
2. Satyam (Truthfullness)
3. Aparigraha (non-possessiveness)
4. Asteyaṁ (Non-stealing)
5. Brahmacarya (Celibacy)
6. Anekāntavāda4 (Non-one-endedness or Nonsingular Conclusivity)
Jainadharma gives much attention on Aparigraha5 (nonpossessiveness) towards material things through Self-control, Self-imposed penance etc. Thus on so many necessary things in Jainism, much consideration has been presented in this manuscript. This article consists five sub-topics such as-- (1) प्रस्तावना (Introduction), (2) जैनाचार्याणामु्त्पत्तिः संस्कृतवाङमयेतेषाम- प्रतिमयोगदानचञ (A brief details of Jainacharyas and their unique contribution in Sanskrit literature), (3) जैनमतस्यतात्विकंस्वरूपम् (Major subject of Jainism), (4) बौद्धमतापेक्षयाजैनमतस्यप्राचीनत्वम् (Antiqueness of Jainism than Buddhism), (5) बौद्धजैनमतयोर्विशेष: (Differences between Jainism and Buddhism). According to the topic, I have given the overview on the oldness (than Buddhism) and principle views of Jainism.

DOI: 10.22271/pracya.2020.v12.i1.86

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