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2020, Vol. 12, Issue 1

Depiction of cārvāka philosophy in Kṛsnamiśra’s Prabodhacandrodaya: An analysis

Author(s): Dr. Kalpita Bujarbaruah

Abstract: Kåñëamiçra’s Prabodhacandrodaya is an allegorical play explaining the process of self-realization. Prabodhacandrodaya means “the rise of the moon of (spiritual) awakening”. In the drama it is described that Puruña, the embodied self had forgotten his identity with the Supreme Being i.e. Parameçvara and had fallen as it were into a deep slumber, is awakened by Vidyä i.e. Knowledge to realize his identity.
In the drama, Cärväka is one of the characters which plays a vital role. Through this character, Kåñëamiçra tries to describe the negative effect of materialism because Cärväka system is a materialistic one. It is called the prime enemy of all the religious and philosophical schools based on the vedas. In this paper a humble attempt has been made to analyse how Kåñëamiçra establishes his perspectives in support of the philosophy of Ästika schools which aims at attainment of eternal happiness i.e. Mokña by renouncing materialistic approach through the depiction of the characters in the paly.

DOI: 10.22271/pracya.2020.v12.i1.97

Pages: 161-169 | Views: 417 | Downloads: 122

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Dr. Kalpita Bujarbaruah. Depiction of cārvāka philosophy in Kṛsnamiśra’s Prabodhacandrodaya: An analysis. Prācyā. 2020; 12(1): 161-169. DOI: 10.22271/pracya.2020.v12.i1.97