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2021, Vol. 13, Issue 1

Principles of Ghataybga as approved by Hathayoga– A Study in the light of Gherandasamhitiâ

Author(s): Dr. Swapan Mal, Arpita Nath

Abstract: The theory of Yoga has a great and important place in the literature and life in the world. Indian civilization, culture, tradition, literature and human life are also influenced by the Yoga. The founder of Rajayoga Philosophy is Patanjali. As per Indian Yogic tradition, Yoga literature is divided into four parts. These are Mantrayoga, Layayoga, Hathayoga and Rajayoga. Hathayogic literatures like Hathayogapradipika, Sivasamhita, Gherandasamhita and others are discussed the theory of body and mind. Basically, in Hathayoga body is called as Ghata or Pitcher. But mind is also attached with the body or Ghata. The process of purification of body and mind is described in the Gherandasamhita with seven upadesas. Saptasadhana, Sodhana, Dhauti and so on are presented by the great sage Gheranda to Candakapalika in the first upadega. In the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh upadegas are serially described the Asana, Mudra, Pratyahara, Pranayama, Dhyana and Samadhi in details.

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Dr. Swapan Mal, Arpita Nath. Principles of Ghataybga as approved by Hathayoga– A Study in the light of Gherandasamhitiâ. Prācyā. 2021; 13(1): 31-43.