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2021, Vol. 13, Issue 1

Dualism in Sâmkhya and Cartesian Philosophy : An Appraisal

Author(s): Silpi Sikha Mahanta

Abstract: The present papa is an attempt to bring about a comparative analysis of Samkhya dualism and Cartesian dualism. Dualism is a theory mainly concerned either of Metaphysics or Philosophy of mind. Metaphysical attitude of dualism refers there are two fundamental categories of principles of the cause of universe, while the philosophy of mind affirms that the mind and body, or, the mental and physical are in some same radically different substances. The Samkhya dualism plays an important role in Indian metaphysical debate entailing the purusa-prakriti dualism and the Cartesian dualism has histisained a significant tune into Philosophy of mind by maintaining the mind-body dualism. The analysis of the paper starts with a response of the queries of why and how 'Dualism' comes about as a theory both in the Samkhya and Cartesian school. Further, the paper irks to explore if there are any similarities or differences in their discussion of dualism.

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Silpi Sikha Mahanta. Dualism in Sâmkhya and Cartesian Philosophy : An Appraisal. Prācyā. 2021; 13(1): 60-67.