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The XIIIth volume will be brought out in September, 2021 as will be brought out as Sāmkhyayogaviśeṣāṁkaḥ (Special Issue on Sāṁkhya & Yoga Schools of Indian Philosophy). Deliberations on the topics with contextual relevance will find place in the journal. An abstract in English not exceeding 150 words must be sent alongwith the paper. It will be published in September, 2021.Papers should reach the editor by March, 2021.

Late submission of manuscripts will not be accepted.The writer must send the author’s declaration form which is available in the journal website alongwith the manuscript. An English subtitle must be provided if it is written in other than English viz. Sanskrit, Assamese, Hindi or Bengali. The Manuscripts in Hindi and Sanskrit and Begali must be typed in Adobe Pagemaker format and font should preferably be Krutidev (for Hindi and Sanskrit ) Geetanjali (forAssamese and Bengali). English manuscript must be typed in Times New Roman. The papers are published only after recommendation by Review Committee experts.